Girls are Loud is a collective of female-identifying instrumentalists providing solo songwriters with the resources to record all aspects of their song live, as well as a studio in which to do so, reminiscent of the recording practices of the 60s and 70s. 

I started out in the industry wanting to retaliate against artists’ increasing isolation and the plethora of content created without collaboration.

When I was younger, I became drawn to jazz recordings where bands would improvise off of one another and create something that could not have been done alone. Recordings from the Wrecking Crew and Stax – those real instruments and that magic between people - it all seemed too important to be lost.

Girls are Loud is making it affordable for a songwriter to get studio time as well as live instrumentation on their tracks. With the help of our contact list of successful and talented live players we’ll be the conduit for the magic moment, whether that’s arranging a song that has never been recorded or reworking a song that was written with a digital band.

When a songwriter decides to bring their song to Girls are Loud they get instant access to a curated directory of talented musicians that run the gamut in experience, genre and sound. We will work with the songwriter to refine instrumentation ideas and, once ready, we’ll contact the corresponding instrumentalists and schedule a session date for everyone to play together. We’ll film the magic too. One day, one session, one fully mixed and mastered single and promotional content.

However, the longer I was in the industry the more I observed how women in music get labelled as being good at music ‘for a woman,’ but I wanted to create a scenario where they had the floor and could be free of that designation.

And so, I added another layer to this concept. All the instrumentalists, engineers and videographers involved in taking the songwriter’s song from a seed to fruition are women. Girls are Loud is the only initiative of its kind and it is the only femalerun organization headquartered in Los Angeles that doesn’t deal in the event space. Through communication with sister organizations like Girlsschool, Play Like a Girl, SoundGirls and Women in Music, we have created a network for female musicians to get first access to studio opportunities.

Girls are Loud is the one stop shop for completing an artist’s dream song without a scent of testosterone in the room. And it still works. And the kitchen is still clean. Oh, and yeah, we did the shopping too